It was in the midst of powerfully absorbing wild scenery and offered a lot of chances to explore, besides the obvious draw of the glacier, and I went off often to find out more and more about the area.

Rising behind the flat area we camped on was a hanging valley at right angles to the main valley, that produced a prodigious waterfall, and a faint track led alongside the falls to reveal a wide expanse of fairly flat valley bottom with a number of small streams feeding a single river that was punctuated by still, deep but clear pools.


Very healthy (unhealthy) Amanita Muscara
Very healthy (unhealthy) Amanita Muscara


At either side of this valley, rose steep rocky hillsides and at the far end a wall that showed it was the back of a corrie where ice had accumulated over aeons and left a large, still lake at its base. I loved it, and went there regularly over the years.

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