Oh, we’ll be alright !

…….I had felt there was an option that needed exploring, from my first visit there. Once having climbed high enough above the slippery rocky slopes of the main valley, the ridge offered an excellent high level walk back to the shoulder above the camp, where I knew there was a safe descent, and I set about checking this route out, with a few intrepid walkers.

Setting off into a vast landscape on the Arctic Circle
Setting off into a vast landscape on the Arctic Circle

All went well, although there was a lot of re-routing to skirt still fairly extensive and deep snowfields, we kept to our direction and discovered yet another valley parallel to the main one, leading down into the flats of the hanging valley and back to camp. The shorter way down the shoulder took a bit of finding . . . .


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  • reply Chris Drachenfels ,

    Hi Bob,
    whow I did find you on twitter and our kids dug out your home page from facebook 😉 I kept looking for you since quite some time……
    Not sure whether you remember me….. I am the guy who helped emptying the cesspits at Frank and Regine’s place in Kautokeino.
    Would really love to talk to you again…. have you got a phone number to call?
    Kirsten and I did visit you once in Manchester when you drove us up to Scotland to visit your sister Teresa and Steve.
    You tought me all my English…. bought our camper and came along with us canoeing on River Isar…… I still remember your request where you wanted “a little bit more wiskey in the Isar water” 😉

    Kirsten is just diging out our old pictures if you send us an e-mail address we could contribute a little to your gallery 😉

    Kirsten and Chris

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