Further Reading – A Selection. . .



This list is far from exhaustive, please feel free to email with interesting additions.

Abbey, EdwardDown the River + any
Allen, BenedictAny
Allen, CharlesA Mountain in Tibet
Asher, MichaelImpossible Journey
Asher, MichaelThe Forty Days Road
Bach, Brian PaulThe Grand Trunk Road
Bagnold, RalphLibyan Sands
Basho, MatsuoThe Narrow Road to the Deep North
Battuta, IbnTravels in Asia and Africa
Bolingbroke-Kent, AntoniaLand of the Dawn-Lit Mountains
Bouvier, NicholasWay of the World
Bradley, ChrisBradt Guide to Yemen
Brennan, GeraldSouth from Granada
Brown, HamishThe Mountains Look on Marrrakesh
Burton, Richard FGoa and the Blue Mountains
Byron, RobertRoad to Oxiana
Cahill, TimJaguars ripped my flesh and others
Carson, RachelSilent Spring
Cawthorne, MikeWild Voices
Cawthorne, MikeHell of a Journey
Chatwin, BruceThe Songlines
Chatwin, BruceIn Patagonia
Cherry-Garrard, ApsleyWorst Journey in the World
Clare, HoratioIce Breaker
Cookman, ScottIce Blink
Crane, NicholasClear Waters Rising
Crowther, Geoff (Ed)BIT Overland Guide to India and Australia
Dalrymple, WilliamIn Xanadu
Dalrymple, WilliamNine Lives
Darwin, CharlesThe Voyage of the Beagle
Davies, William HAutobiograhy of a Super-tramp
Dew, JosieA ride in the Neon Sun
Dew, JosieThe Wind in my Wheels
Duff-Gordon, LucieLetters from Egypt
Durrell, LawrenceBitter Lemon
Elliott, JasonAn Unexpected Light
Elliott, JasonMirrors of the Unseen
Farley, Paul and Simmons Roberts, MichaelEdgelands
Farson DanielDry Ship to the Mountains
Farson, NegleyCaucasian Journey
Fenton, JamesAll the Wrong Places
Fermor, Patrick LeighMani, + any
Fishlock, TrevorIndia File
Fleming, PeterNews from Tartary
Francis, GavinTrue North
Fraser, Keith (Ed)Worst Journeys
Frater AlexanderChasing the Monsoon
Fuller, AlexandraDon’t Lets go to the Dogs tonight 
Giday, BelaiEthiopian Civilisation
Grant, RichardGhost Riders, Travels with American Nomads
Grewal, RoyinaIn Rajasthan
Hansen, EricMotoring with Mohammed
Hansen, EricStranger in the Forest
Hedin, SvenMy Life as an Explorer
Heyerdahl ThorKon Tiki
Heyerdahl ThorFatu Hiva
Hill, GeoffThe Road to Gobblers Knob
Hillaby, JohnJourney to the Jade Sea
Housden, RogerTravels through Sacred India
Ian SeraillierThe Silver Sword
Kapuscinsky, RyszardTravels with Herodotus
Kassabova KapkaBorder (south central Europe)
Kennedy, DouglasBeyond the Pyramids
Kerouac, JackOn the Road
Kerouac, JackLonesome Traveller
Kingsley, MaryTravels in West Africa
Krakauer, JonInto Thin Air
Krakauer, JonInto the Wild
Lopez, Barry HolstunHorizon
Lopez, Barry HolstunArctic Dreams
Lopez, Barry HolstunOf wolves and Men
Lopez, Barry HolstunCrossing Open Ground
Lopez, Barry HolstunAbout this life
Luard, NicholasThe Last Wilderness
Macfarlane, RobertThe Wild Places + any
Maclean, RoryThe Magic Bus
Maillart, EllaThe Forbidden Journey
Marnham, PatrickThe Fantastic Invasion
Marnham, PatrickRoad to Kathmandu
Marsden, PhilipSpirit Wrestlers
Marsden, PhilipThe Pursuit of Loneliness
Mattthiessen, PeterThe Snow Leopard
Mattthiessen, PeterIndian Country
Mawson, DouglasThe Home of the Blizzard
Mayne, PeterThe Alleys of Marrakesh
McGoogan, KenFatal Passage
Moon, William Least HeatBlue Highways
Moon, William Least HeatPrairyerth
Moorehead, AlanThe Blue Nile
Moorehead, AlanThe White Nile
Moorehouse GeoffreyTo The Frontier
Moorehouse, GeoffreyThe Fearful Void
Moorehouse, GeoffreyCalcutta
Morris, JanCities; Journeys
Mowat, FarleyPeople of the deer
Muir, JohnTravels in Alaska
Murphy, DervlaFull Tilt + any
Newby, EricShort Walk in the Hindu Kush
Newby, EricSlowly Down the Ganges
O’Hanlon, RedmondInto the Heart of Borneo
O’Hanlon, RedmondIn Trouble Again
Orwell, GeorgeBurmese Days
Orwell, GeorgeKeep the Aspidistra Flying
Pirsig, Robert MZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Pryce, LoisLois on the Loose
Raban, JonathanArabia
Raban, JonathanPassage to Juneau + any
Reeve. SimonStep by Step
Roberts, DavidAlone on the Ice – Douglas Mawson survival story
Rory McLeanMagic Bus
Sandham, FranTraversa, a walk across Southern Africa
Sarno, LouisSong From the Forest
Shackleton, ErnestSouth !
Shepherd, NanThe Living Mountain
Simon, AlvahNorth to the Night
Simon, TedJupiter’s Travels
Simon, TedDreaming of Jupiter
Sobel, DavaLongtitude
Solzhenitsyn, AlexanderGulag Archipelago
Solzhenitsyn, AlexanderWe never make mistakes
Steinbeck, JohnTravels with Charley,Log from the Sea of Cortez
Stevenson, AndrewTravels in Outback Australia
Stevenson, HelenInstructions for Visitors
Stevenson, Robert LouisTravels with a donkey in the Cevennes
Stevenson, Robert LouisThe Amateur Emigrant
Stewart, RoryThe places in between
Stewart, StanleyFrontiers of Heaven
Talach, Malachy60° North
Theroux, PaulGreat Railway Bazaar + any
Thesiger, WilfredVisoins of a Nomad
Thesiger, WilfredA Life of my choosing
Thomsen, AliceThe Singing Line
Thoreau, Henry DavidWalden, The Maine Woods
Thubron, ColinAmong the Russians + any
Toffler, AlvinFuture Shock
Tomkies, MikeA Last Wild Place
Tully, MarkIndia in slow motion
Twain, MarkThe Innocents Abroad
Twigger, RobertThe White Mountain
Van der Post, LaurenceHeart of the Kalahari
Watson, LyallDreams of Dragons
Wheeler, SaraTravels in a Thin Country
Wheeler, SaraTerra Incognita
Wheeler, SaraMagnetic North
Winchester, SimonRiver at the Centre of the World
Wolfe, TomElectric Kool-Aid Acid Test
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