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We’d arrived in Svartisdal in Northern Norway the previous evening having driven south over the Arctic Circle and set up our camp on a shoulder of land overlooking the valley. They were in the third week of a camping tour of Scandinavia and had great weather throughout the trip, rather surprising considering how much rainfall Norway gets.

It had been a clear night but by breakfast time a light drizzle was threatening from further down the valley. Everyone was hoping it would hold off as today’s highlight was a walk to the impressive Svartisen glacier, reached after a boat ride along the lake at the glacier’s outlet.


Checking out the micro-scape of lichens, mosses and critters
Checking out the micro-scape of lichens, mosses and critters


Everyone had been advised to take weatherproof clothing, along with their sandwiches for the day. As we were finalising arrangements over the evening meal, a woman piped up with a question,“will my boots get wet if it rains ?”

You need to look closely for the micro-landscape

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