A gravel road in rocky highlands. A roughly clad shepherd guides his animals to new grazing
The ‘Chinese’ road, central Ethiopia

 Everybody travels, whether going down to the market, tramping across hillsides at the weekend, taking holidays, travelling in the imagination from your armchair or undertaking a full-scale expedition.

In ages past, the main reasons for moving around voluntarily would have been in search of seasonal or scattered resources, or as a pilgrimage to try and improve your lot on earth or in the afterlife, involuntary travel might involve being captured and deported as a slave or conscripted in somebody’s army !

Nowadays, people can travel at the drop of a credit card, and it is one of the largest businesses in the world, some countries almost entirely dependent on tourism



The choice on Amateur Emigrant is refreshingly wide

with only carefully selected ethical affiliates or businesses


Stroll around the Swat valley in Pakistan, or the frozen Afghan border, discover connections to history in Arctic Norway, feast your mind in the splendours of India, from the luscious south to the colourful north; taxing journeys in Yemen and Ethiopia, taxing travellers in many places.


You’ll find pleasures, dreams, nightmares and plenty of irreverent humour bundled together with the philosophical insights from people who have been in places long enough to buy their second tube of toothpaste !


Steve McHardy on the equator
Carl Welsby in his prime
Carl Welsby in his prime !
Selfie, above Petra, Jordan
Bob rolling a fag above Petra


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