On the Road or Trail; Tips and Tricks

In response to many questions over the years, I decided to add in this modest collection of things that I have discovered from bitter experience (or helpful mentoring) that can make longer term travel easier for you and for the areas you travel in.

I’m hoping that others who see this will contribute their own revelations to help those who come after them. Click on photo-links below to sub-pages !

The Outside which covers camping and trail walking,

Ceri chefchaouen Morocco 183

Safer Travel on any aspect of actually getting around,

Village bus, Rajasthan

A Roof over my Head on the subject of finding and choosing a place to hit the sack.


Simply fill in your name and email address in the contact form on the relevant page to leave a contribution – note, all comments will require moderation unless you are a previously known contributor. Looking forward to hearing from you people and your own storehouse of ingenuity !

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