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I drove 3 week camping tours through Sweden, Finland and Norway over the course of 5 summers, becoming so accustomed to the ground that I could barely sleep in a bed for weeks after each series of 4 tours. It is of course a part of the world renowned for spectacular scenery, but a great deal of that is large scale, and I found a new delight in the micro landscapes. Because of the rapidly changing seasonal conditions there I was lucky to revisit places in varying light and seasons, finding plants flowering or berries in profusion on my next trip.

I also went back to work in Finnmark for a wider experience there, with people whose entire culture is rooted in the landscape. From the dense myth-laden coniferous expanses of Sweden to the picture postcard pretty, hard working fishing settlements of Lofoten and the elemental awe of the Svartisen glacier, there is little to disappoint the soul in Scandinavia.


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