Wanderings in the Hindu Kush – introduction

Wanderings in the Hindu Kush. Introduction. In the winter of 1984-5 I and a girlfriend swanned off to see Pakistan and India, and had some excellent adventures in unusual circumstances. Quite hard travelling then, and in retrospect, too. Still, you have to pass the time somehow !

We spent months wandering in Baluchistan, Northwest Frontier Provinces and Swat, loving and hating it by turns but survived to tell the tale. At least, I’m still here. My girlfriend at the time was Ceri, a spirited and lovely person who, though that relationship foundered, remained a part of my life, in particular the last 10-12 years.


New Years Day 1985 Quetta with Ceri


Ceri died in 2015, aged only 53, in recovery from an operation to make yet further corrections to one of two life-limiting illnesses she bore with equanimity.

October 21st is her anniversary and I have recreated these, some of her most treasured memories, as my own small tribute to her. In many ways she was my best ever friend, the love of my life, clever, quirky, blessed and damned with adamantine stubbornness and a bloody good laugh all round. Cheers Ceri ! Not forgotten, ever. XX

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