The Outside; camping and trails

Examples; try and be brief and accurate, it may make someone’s day !

Let us have the benefit of your joys and tribulations !


Make sure you can put up and take down your tent quickly, alone. Become familiar with any weak points, and have a plan to overcome any failures

If its safe and permitted, a small fire will cheer the heart of the weariest walker. Make sure you know how to put it out.

An old kettle or pan with lid that can be used to heat water, for food, washing, when hung from a tripod of branches.

Keep warm in your tent – DO NOT get into your bag wearing the stuff you use in the daytime, keep sleeping kit separate, dry and fluffed up.

When you decide on a sleeping bag or raingear. remember there is no such thing as cheap; you will pay in another way. A couple of cold nights or wet days will convince you.

Carry a small trowel to bury your crap and a lighter to burn the paper. Otherwise, use a stick to smear it over a wider area where it will break down a lot more quickly.

If you have a small fire, ensure you place a small rock in the embers. You can wrap this in a dirty t-shirt and keep your feet warm for hours.

Other heated stones can be used to dry out wet boots, or to warm them on really cold mornings.

Wash and dry walking socks as often as you can

Always have comfy footwear for the day’s end, and for wading streams

Keep a piece of Karrimat stuffed down the back of your backpack so you always have something dry and insulated to sit on.

A small tarp with eyelets (or a cut down flysheet), from a hardware store and 6-10 metres of shock cord can make a shelter from sudden rain, fixed in different ways.

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