A Roof over my Head

Try and be brief and accurate, it make make someone’s day !

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Don’t rely on guidebooks; only the Internet is (usually) up to date. Often only one key staff member has to leave and a place can take a dive. Also, following the guidebook will land you with the same backpackers you saw yesterday.

Be a bit wary of apparent ‘home comfort’ appearance. What others see as home comfort may be very different to you.

Take a look beyond the reception where money has been spent on image

Always have your own padlock; just in case. Otherwise, a small wedge jammed between the door and the floor will ensure the room door is more difficult to open when you’re in.

Make sure you know where you are before venturing out, make a note of it.

When looking and unable to choose, a local resident may help you reach a decision – if only from their expression.

Remember, most of the time you spend in a room you will be unconscious, so the function is more important than the aesthetics for a night or so.

Unless you’re very fastidious, remember you’re not gonna eat your breakfast in the bathroom


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