About Steve McHardy – Contributor

Steve McHardy preparing for a refreshing dip
Steve McHardy preparing for a refreshing dip

Steve McHardy has enjoyed a long and successful career in tourism, and now works in fairly high end travel arrangements, based in Australia. He held something of a record, arguably enviable, in conducting around fifty Felucca trips on the Upper Nile in Egypt. He has also worked in India and other areas of Africa. He was a contemporary or Bob Cranwell for some years and each had their own reputations to protect (and exaggerate).


When Steve, who had previously mainly worked in Egypt arrived out of the blue in Delhi, Bob remarked it was nice to see him where he’d be out of his depth ! Steve had the last word when I was asked to run some tours in Egypt, which required a similar breadth and depth of expertise, and I was out of my depth too for a while, reliant on manuals and other tourleaders’ tips.

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