Photo Collections

Here is where you can look through my photo collections taken in various places and at various times.  All good memories with stories which don’t all fit on a page, at least just yet.  Often I think, the best place is in my head.  This affords you a little tour and taste of that unmeasurable land… Mouse over the images and you can chase the links into the collections:

  • Scandinavia Gallery
  • Syria and Jordan Gallery
  • Marrakesh Express Gallery
  • Cyprus Gallery
  • Hungary Gallery
  • Minaret Bokhara
    Backgrounds and Architecture Gallery
  • Algeria and Egypt Gallery
  • Ethiopia Gallery
  • Yi man and woman
    China and Southeast Asia gallery
  • Wildlife Gallery
  • Tiled domes, Samarkand
    Central Asia and Russia Gallery
  • Yemeni woman selling handmade baskets
    Yemen Gallery
  • Pakistan Gallery
  • India Gallery
  • Alaska Gallery
  • Organisations I've supported for years: Please take a look at the marvellous work they do. Views here are not necessarily supported or endorsed by them:
  • Greenpeace
  • Ragged uni square
  • Wikipedia logo
  • wateraid logo
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