January 2019

Join the Dots . . . . !

Join the dots and make a picture, win a major prize !


As the caption always read in the children’s comics puzzle page I used to love, I’m a great one for connections. Searching a page of scattered pinheads for patterns drove me crazy but the lure of the (never-won) prize was of less importance than the discovery of hidden forms. It’s hardly surprising that his has spilled over into a lifetime of travel, and I wonder how widely this affliction or condition is felt. Perhaps it’s a form of synaesthesia, where a person can hear a word that overwhelms them with colour, or may be able to see the wind passing.

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Hi to amateuremigrant followers !

I’ve had the delight over the last few days of m’learned friend’s company.

There have been some new features on the Amateuremigrant website today – I’ve added in feeds from Instagram and also embedded the podcast version of posts to make them more accessible. You will already know I like to champion Alt Text with images, for the benefit and enjoyment of visually impaired users.

M’learned in question is Alex Dunedin maestro of the Ragged University – check out this charity which among other things organises meetings, lectures and learning lunches.

Ragged University curates a vast array and amount of information, ideas and all sorts of contributions to a website which is accessible and open to ideas and submissions from people who have some knowledge they feel useful to share.

He, like me is a high functioning version of a host of imperfections and the internet is his forte. He built the website I run and has been of immense (slightly baffling . . ) help, along with his eccentric and eclectic ways which mask my own foibles marvellously.

I’m also posting this from my mobile app – another new experience – other bloggers could give it a try !

Cheers Alex, a redoubtable figure.

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